ABYSS ~ Part 2
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PART 2 - Experience the vastness of the universe and Earth in all their glory. Excursion into deep caverns of underground mysteries. Explore the depths of the ocean -- delve into the fathoms of life beneath the seas. Zing into the zodiac among zero gravity . . . cosmic rays, moon dust and constellations. Voyage to distant galaxies and nebulae. Floating. Spatial. Discover the deepness within yourself!

- ABYSS (2:39)

Anything too deep for measurement: profound depth; bottomless;chasmic;unfathomable;incomprehensible.


Lying beneath the surface, underground; secret; hidden.

- INTRUDER (1:44)

Harmony of the universe disrupted by the intrusion of mankind's disorder.

- MOONBEAMS (1:36)

Soft, angelic-like beams that touch with gentleness.


Darting, high speed energy with great penetrating power.


Daydreams that wander through happy trails.

U.F.O. (2:19)

Travel on a space odyssey by an interstellar visitor. 

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ABYSS ~ Part 2

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