ALL MY LIFE ~ Single Tune
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The title, “All My Life” describes the song’s idea. The song is about love abandoned, a doomed lover reaching for the meaning of being once in love and now alone, longing for an answer, growing older with the memories of love but fearing not finding it again. It has a common theme appealing to a wide audience, and one that people can identify with worldwide with wanting love and losing love.

 The song aspires for love but growing older, fears not finding it again. The song longs for a better life, for something better, but with a sad feeling of loss and not finding it again.  A soul searches for an account of how things were, but won’t be again.

 The hooks, “All my life,” and “…a broken heart with only memories left to hold,” linger in the listener’s mind, often causing the person to want to hear the song again. Packed with emotion, this hook is very singable, easy to remember and ends the chorus.

 The song’s lyrics are a collection of words that form an idea or theme of what the song is about. The verse, both musically and lyrically “set up” what the song is about. The lyrics in the chorus drive home the heart of the meaning of the song. 

 The melody presents the listener with something truly pleasing—a certain degree of familiarity using thetechnique of repetition. The emotional effect of the music is by the use of chords from major to minor chord in the chorus which projects a mournful sound. It also reflects a certain sadness about the prospects of the singer.

 The motive (a series of notes placed at different intervals to create a useful place to begin the song) expresses the meaning of the song. The interest is not in the intervals, but in the rhythm and the harmonies as they operate on a single note. The melody notes and phrasing builds toward something—a music climax in the chorus!

 The chorus gives the listener a sense of closure, creating a dynamic feeling of frustration returning to the tonic melody, find a satisfying climax of being resolved to a possible hopeless, loveless future.

 Also, the chorus begins louder than the verses and is gradually softer to emphasize the feeling and despair of the E-minor chord. Using an E-minor chord in the chorus after the lyrics, “…and now I’m only growing old,” emphasizes the sorrowful, somber mood.

 The song’s cadence (ending), from the listener’s point of view, is about feelings of anticipation and completion with a different feeling switching from anticipation of love returning to love lost and maybe never returning.

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ALL MY LIFE ~ Single Tune

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