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As a Rerofire Officer, an operations flight controller at NASA's Mission Control Center, Houston, Texas, I had the rare opportunity to be a participant in the greatest challenge and noblest adventure in mankind’s history—the return of Apollo 13 crew safely to the Earth.  This was truly a privileged event and an honor cherished by few, and one filled with many unforgettable, historical, breathtaking experiences.


Unfortunately, the true story and impact of Apollo 13 has never really been told nor made public by those few, brave men who participated in the mission.  Books have been written by others about Apollo 13 who were never connected with the operations or conduct of the mission.


The untold story of the courage and bravery of the dedicated ground control team members has yet to surface, but some day, will be a monumental role model for youth and leaders, and will go down in history as a marvelous achievement among seemingly insurmountable odds.


Our story, the flight controllers of Apollo 13, will be written in the annals of time as one of the pioneering efforts along side those of the country’s other great victors and patriots. These deserving, unsung heroes should be duly recognized for their meritorious deeds just as any veterans who victoriously served in the combats of this nation against its aggressors.  But this aggressor was no visible enemy . . . it was the face of time!

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APOLLO 13 - Commentary FREE

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