CANDLE FLAME ~ Single Tune
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The song is about not only a lost love affair, but also expresses the deep, hurtful feelings that accompany it.

 The title, “Candle Flame” is an analogy to many themes within the song.  A candle flame suggests solitude; something that can give pleasure but also can hurt if touched; and the extinguished flame of a burned love affair, but hope that love may return.

 It has a common theme appealing to a wide audience, and one that people can identify with worldwide with conflicts in love affairs that may be temporary or permanent.  

 The hook, “love me or leave me,” expresses the frustration found in love gone wrong.  

 The song’s lyrics are a collection of words that form an idea or theme of what the song is about: a love done wrong, and possibly the uncertainty of a love turned to ashes. The lyrics in the chorus drive home the heart of the meaning of the song: “love me or leave me.” Along with the hurt expressed in the song, there is also the hope of a returning love. But if it doesn’t, the person can make it on his or her own.  

 The song begins with the chorus and is enhanced by repetition after each verse.

The melody presents the listener with something simple and uncomplicated which allows the emotion of the heart-felt lyrics to be expressed and plainly.

 The chorus drives home the song’s frustration in being able to resolve the conflict, and suggests possible thoughts of abandonment as the final answer sought to resolve it when communication skills won’t or haven’t solved the problem.

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CANDLE FLAME ~ Single Tune

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