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The title, “Cheaters Never Win” describes the song’s idea: hurting testimony to a lost and painful love.  The song is about a drinking person in the setting of a late night who is drowning his or her sorrows and memories, but cannot forget the past even though a new love has been found in the chorus. 


The song embodies so many common love-gone-wrong and done-wrong themes of living the “wild” life; cheating on your partner, etc. The person here is strong, decisive and determined to not put up with any more abuse. Unfortunately, a common theme in American love relationships these days. That’s what should make a wide appeal to people of all ages, because it hits home to them. They’ve been there.



"Cheaters never win" embodies a real philosophical truth and lessons learned.



The song’s lyrics are a collection of words that form an idea or theme of what the song is about. The lyrics in the chorus show up what the other person is really about. Although there is a hint of anger, the lyrics portray a confident and assertive individual who recognizes the situation and has taken action to do something about it. There are many in public and in present love affairs that stay and suffer the consequences, but not this individual!



The verses, both musically and lyrically “set up” what the song strongly and emotionally portrays.  The song is easily sung and played. It can be stylized for a solo singer or band group. 

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