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The song is a ballad about a lonely person homesick for returning to his                   Oklahoma home and his lover.

It has a common theme of abandoned love, appealing to a wide audience, and one that people can identify worldwide with the hurt and pain of a vanished loved affair. Apparently, the person which the song is aspired has gone leaving Oklahoma only to find no happiness on the road to other places and other faces. Tired of what the song refers to as "...chasin' dreams that don't come true", the person finds reality in his homeward bound to Oklahoma.


The person still has feelings for the other person and reminisces about the beauty he left behind in Oklahoma and his true love.


HOOK            HOME TO OKLAHOMA is very visual and descriptive in the first few opening lines about the beauty of the state, painting words of color in the mind of the listener.


LYRICS         The song's lyrics are a collection of words that form an idea or theme of what the song is about: A lover who has left behind another heart for the open road and new adventures only to end in loneliness and heartache "...down roads to where I don't belong."


MUSIC           The melody presents the listener with an easy, pacing melody. It has much room for the genre of country music with an excellent steady beat dance beat with standard chords and the opportunity for improvisation around the simple melody. The chorus goes into minor chords emphasizing the longing for the person's loneliness, melancholy return. The Am chord harmony gives the song a sad, wistful quality.


COMMMENT          This stands to be a very popular hit in not only Oklahoma, but also for country music lovers throughout the world. The fact that the setting is about returning to Oklahoma, does not limit its favorable acceptance world-wide. Many foreign nations are familiar with the state of Oklahoma and its heritage of country singers, songwriters and entertainers.


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