HURTIN' ME AGAIN ~ Single Tune
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The title, “Hurtin’ Me Again” describes the song’s idea: hurting testimony to a lost and painful love.  The song is about a drinking person in the setting of a late night who is drowning his or her sorrows and memories, but cannot forget the past even though a new love has been found in the chorus.  

The hook, “Hurtin’ Me Again,” repetitively ends each verse, and eludes to a pain and suffering that won’t go away because of the inner guilt and regrets.

The song’s lyrics are a collection of words that form an idea or theme of what the song is about. The lyrics in the chorus show the deep feelings attached to guilt and the finger of blame pointing inwardly. The drinking and running away (“I’m leavin’ town tonight by train”) are attempts to heal the pain, but being only temporary, he or she knows deep within that they cannot be erased by the love still left for the other person.  This is definitely a bar or beer drinking—cry in your beer—type of song.

The verses, both musically and lyrically “set up” what the song strongly and emotionally portrays.

The melody typical of old country & western beats, melody and harmony arranged to stress the grief and loneliness in a slow tempo rhythm.


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HURTIN' ME AGAIN ~ Single Tune

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