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The title, “Instant Love Affair” describes the song’s idea: companionship with a bond of not only friendship, but love.  The song is about a person who speaks in song to his or her lover about being together through life’s journey . . . however temporary or long it might last. It stresses that love and companionship won’t wait for too much time to pass. It also alludes to companionship as the answer to troubles and woes, or at least a way to help the pain of a love once known, but never forgotten.

 The song appeals to another to join them in the journey through life with the experience of love’s unity once again.

 The song is easily sung with feeling and emotonal appeal. The music is a moderate to slow rhythm, and the mood is expressed quietly with a caring, reassuring voice and expression.

 There are so many transitory people these days that love is often hard to settle down either emotionally or geographically. This song will have a universal appeal to those on the journey of love, and those who desire the bond of love they once had. 

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