IT HURTS ME ~ Single Tune
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The title, “It Hurts Me” describes the song’s idea: unconditional love. The song is about a person who speaks in song to his or her lover about being there for the other. It is a sympathetic love with an invitation to return through “an open door” in Verse 4.   



The hook, “It hurts me, hurts me, too” identifies with sympathy and unconditional love from one who seeks to not be controlling or ‘bossy’, but extends his or her heart to another who may be hurting emotionally. A hook easily remembered, and one that draws the listener into the song to find solution to resolve when things go wrong.  



The song’s lyrics are very sentimental and expressive. The song reinforces the love of a person for another despite their differences. It also affirms a constant and devoted love for another with the reassurance that if the person returns, he or she is welcomed back to loving arms again. The song may be viewed as a soft touch in saying, “I’m sorry, now please let’s make up”.


The verses, both musically and lyrically play on the heart strings with the kind of positive communication to soothe the misery of conflict. The song is easily sung with much feeling and emotion much in the style of a singer such as Kenny Rogers.   



The music is a moderate to slow rhythm to express the full sentiment and feelings of the lyrics. The mood is expressed quietly with a caring, reassuring voice and expression.



There are so many lovers separated these days by jobs, disasters, geography and war. This song will have a universal appeal.




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IT HURTS ME ~ Single Tune

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