LOVE IS . . .
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This book is a compilation of topics from my seminars on love relationships, not matter if you are in love now or contemplating it in the future. A definite must for the romantic heart! Topis On: Commitment, Sacrifice, Three Basic Values, Meaning of Sex, True Love Is, The Barriers to Having a Great Relationship, Checklists for Evaluating Your Future Mate (what to look for and what to stay away from!), True Love & Age, and How To Fight With Love (which examines how to be disagree without being disagreeable.

THIS ONE CHAPTER COULD SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE OR LOVE RELATIONSHIP FROM DISASTER!). Great for examining the various aspects of love, and thoughts of love! Enjoy! 77 Pages.

High Eagle's approach to a seemingly overdone subject is new and fresh. He explores some aspects that have not been worded to death by other authors in the field.


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LOVE IS . . .

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