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The title, “Next Time Around” describes the song’s idea: When the door to one love closes, it opens the door to another love. This is the story of a confident person hurting from a broken love affair, but healing, picking up the pieces again to regain a stronger, better love in the future. There is some admittance to mistakes made, but also the learning from them for the ‘next time around.’


The hook, “Next Time Around” identifies with the hope of a future, stronger love and lover than before. Growing and learning from one’s mistakes, plus admittance to one’s own frailties create the belief that love will come again, and enabling one to be better prepared for it next time around.


The song’s lyrics take a look inwardly of the past mistakes that dwell in pain and misery upon the heart of the singer that “only time and love can heal.”


Letting it all hang out, the song is easily sung with strong feeling and emotional appeal. The music is a fast rhythm, and the musical mood is expressed with fervor and determination to grow from the experience. The song can be arranged for light rock, country rock or standard C&W equally well. The song’s styling can be for any entertainer, but definitely in the groove of a Michael Bolton or Rod Stewart.


So many marriages and break-ups in love affairs, with the resolve by most people to try to be ‘smarter’ in their choice of partners, and also not to repeat the same errors the next time around. Many people in common share the lyrics and emotional appeal of this song. 

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