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One Foot out the Door” describes the song’s idea: disposable love. There is a sub-theme of perhaps finding fault or love’s imperfections which can also lead to disposable love. So many people these days are in similar relationships where acceptance of one’s differences becomes a real deterrent to the love process.

It has a common theme that people can readily identify with worldwide being one-sided love affairs in which one partner is too controlling, too critical and not accepting of the other’s weaknesses or imperfections.

The theme is scented with incompatible or perhaps controlling love from one partner.  The one of which the song is written appears to finding excuses to wean or detach from the love bond. The other person has developed a non-committal attitude about the relationship, and is slowly moving things out, yet obviously still wants some presence around the other person.   

The singer is not going to put up with a half-way love affair. It’s black-and-white with no room for gray when the singer says to either ‘love me, or leave me.’

The song’s lyrics are a collection of picturesque words that not only form an idea or theme of what the song is about, but also nicely paint virtual pictures on an emotional canvas. The missing ‘wild card’ in the analogy of the deck of cards refers to the ‘wild side’ of the hard-to-please person which the song is about.

The hope of everyone is to find and have a love that will endure, but the singer is putting the other person to the test and drawing the line to either stay or leave.  

The chorus drives home the heart of the meaning of the song: disposable love.


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