TENNESSEE VALLEYS (Of My Mind) ~ Single Tune
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The title strikes a curiosity among the listeners and lures the listener into discovering the song’s idea. The song is about love found but lost. The song begins appealing to the mind’s eye, painting a musical canvas of the beauty and mystery of nature, beautifulTennesseevalleys, and the landscape of a lost love leaving many unanswered questions.

 It has a common theme of lost love, appealing to a wide audience, and one that people can identify worldwide with the hurt and pain of a vanished love affair and wanting it to perhaps return again to the joys of a once true love that has slipped away mysteriously without sense or reason.

 Tennessee valleys of my mind”.  A very visual hook, and one easily imagined or envisioned.

 The song’s lyrics are a collection of words that form an idea or theme of what the song is about: A romantic lover reaches outwardly in the surroundings for his or her lover, but finds “empty space”, “no waiting arms”, “no tender smile”, and “no warm, familiar face.” The only images found are those captured and permanently recorded and tucked away in the valleys of the mind.

 After searching for answers, but not finding them, the person is left is the only remembrance of a beautiful love found in the last verse: “frosted memories”.

The melody presents the listener with a pleasing, flowing melody that helps to not only tell the story, but also reflects the degree of sadness and sorrow expressed in the lyrics.




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TENNESSEE VALLEYS (Of My Mind) ~ Single Tune

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