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The title, “Till I See You Again” describes the song’s idea: romantic love. The song is about a person who speaks in song to his or her lover not present.   

The hook is also the song’s title:  “Till ISee You Again.” A hook easily remembered, and one that draws the listener into the story of love and its lovers’ temporary separation.  

 The song’s lyrics are very sentimental and expressive. The song reinforces the love of a person for another despite the distance or separation between the two. It also affirms a constant and devoted love for another with the reassurance that the separation is only temporary and that they will pick up where they left off. The separation was not due to a conflict in the relationship, but rather other outside unfortunate or untimely circumstances. It stresses the reassurance that both need to keep the love bond strong.

 The verses, both musically and lyrically play on the heart strings strongly and emotionally.  The song is easily sung with much feeling and emotion.   

 The song can be adapted for a male or female singer with only a few word changes, and is also available translated in Spanish.

 The music is an adagio or slow rhythm to express the full sentiment and feelings of the lyrics. The mood is caressing the ear of the listener with caring tenderness and gentleness which soothes the listener into a simultaneous love feeling . . . and lower blood pressure!

 There are so many lovers separated these days by jobs, disasters, geography and war. This song will have a universal appeal.

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